New page on BrandMeister master-servers for repeater hardware metrics

BrandMeister master server version 20170802-193953 brings a new feature for Motorola SLR et RadioActivity Kairos repeaters. Using your web browser, you can connect to the BrandMeister master server where one of these repeaters is connected to, and view the below real-time metrics. These values are not coming from the codeplug configuration, but are are being measured by the hardware real-time :

  • AC Voltage: Voltage at the input of the power supply.
  • DC Voltage: Voltage at the output of the power supply.
  • Charge current: Current for the battery charge, when connected.
  • Main temperature: Temperature within the repeater
  • Amplifier temperature: Specific temperature of the amplifier stage.
  • Output Power: Measured output power.
  • VSWR: Mesured VSWR at the antenna output.

To access this page, enter the IP address of the master server in the URL and add: /status/monitor.htm . For example, for the Canadian master server:

BrandMeister DMR Master Server Repeater Hardware Monitoring page