Austria Master (2321) scheduled IP change

As indicated on the Austria Brandmeister DMR Blog, we have been recently notified that the location where the current 2321 master is hosted will close, forcing us to setup a new master 2322 in a new data-center.

Austria’s new Master 2322 is already up and running with the IP address and the existing Master 2321 will be deprovisionned on May 13th, 2023.

All repeater sysops connected to 2321 have already been contacted and the transition is expected to generate little to no impact.

Denmark Master (2381) scheduled IP change

Due to an incompatibility between the hosting provider’s hypervisor and the upcoming version of Brandmeister DMR, the Denmark Brandmeister Master server is changing its IP address and ID.

If you have a repeater, hotspot or other node connected to the 2381 master, please update your configuration with the information below:

Master Server ID: 2382 IP Address:

The new master server is already fully functional. The current master (2381 at will be discontinued on July 1st, 2023.

UK Master Server 2341 IP change

The UK BrandMeister DMR master has been moved to a new IP address: This is due to unforeseen circumstances that unfortunately did not allow us to provide early notice.

Repeater owners currently pointing to the UK Master 2341 “old IP address” will have to change their repeater configuration. The old IP address might respond to MMDVM protocol but is disconnected from any BrandMeister traffic.

Gateway administrators (OpenBridge, YSF, XLX, WiresX, etc.) need to contact BrandMeister support via the Support Portal or Telegram BM UK Group to re-configure their connection.

Hotspot users please refresh your masters list to ensure the UK Master 2341 is updated with the new IP address The old IP address might respond to MMDVM protocol but is disconnected from any BrandMeister traffic.

Stay safe, and happy QSO !

South-Korea Master 4501 back on-line

The South-Korean Master server is back on-line. Unfortunately the local administrators were not able to recover the configuration from the crashed drives. If you are a repeater owner and connect to Master 4501, you will have to re-configure the following: Static Talkgroups, Timed Subscription, Reflectors, Cluster membership, and custom repeater passwords (ask local administrators or BM Support).

We apologize for the downtime and the inconvenience, and wish you happy QSOs now !

Last Heard status

Update (11:24 UTC): All services report up and running.
The cause of the outage was a problem while migrating one of the 4 lastheard storage servers to there new datastore. The machine is recovered and back in to service.

Update (10:12 UTC): The broken machine is back online and the LH is recovering.

Currently we are experiencing some issues with the storage backends of the lastheard this means that history searches don’t work and also graphs using data from the history will have some issues.

We are working on a solution bare with us

BrandMeister Halligan Self-Care Login is back !


Update: The outage is now over, the Halligan Self-Care site is fully functional. Thank you !

If you are trying to authenticate on the BrandMeister Halligan Self-Care site, you will get an error message. This is not a password issue, and you do not need to request a password reset.

The BrandMeister development team is currently working on this site, and will restore the authentication functionality shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience !