Brandmeister back-end upgrade requires your API keys to be re-generated

If you are using Brandmeister’s API keys for your applications, please read this article carefully.

Over the weekend, the Brandmeister administrators performed a significant upgrade to the backend servers and databases. This upgrade included bolstering the security of the platform, and as a consequence the existing API keys have been invalidated and need to be regenerated.

If you presently employ API keys within your Brandmeister configuration (for pistar, openspot, custom programming, etc.), you may encounter a “401 – Unauthorized” error message. To resolve this issue, kindly follow the instructions provided in this article to generate new API keys for your application. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best 73’s from the Brandmeister Admin Team.

Friendly reminder to avoid using frequencies allocated to Amateur Satellite Service

The Brandmeister Support Team frequently receives requests to prevent routing traffic to devices operating within the portion of spectrum allocated by all three ITU regions for Amateur Satellite Service. This is due to QRM caused by DMR signals on these frequencies.

While the Brandmeister DMR development team is not currently considering restricting traffic based on device frequency, we strongly advise setting your DMR hotspot or repeater frequency outside of the 145.8-146.0 or 435-438 MHz segments. It’s crucial to note that even low-power transmissions can cause interference when a satellite passes overhead and has a clear line of sight to the device’s antennas.

Thank you!