It’s BrandMeister 2nd Birthday !

Today, November 24th marks the second birthday of the BrandMeister DMR Network project!

Two years ago, BrandMeister revolutionized DMR HAM Radio by offering a uniform experience: any talkgroup accessible from any repeater or hotspot; the support for private calls; an audio web streaming server for all talkgroups, an easy to use web interface for repeater owners to do their own configuration, an interconnection with c-Bridges, D-Star reflectors, YSF reflectors, and the Wires-X network;  and a convenient wiki documentation.

Since then the core software and the back-end architecture have had several optimizations phases, and the implementation of the latest software technologies to ensure a fast network with high-audio-quality. New and unique feature have been added on a regular basis, such as repeater alerts,  repeater and hotspots passwords, Air Security,  a full APRS/GPS implementation for all common terminals, etc.

With nearly 1500 repeaters, 3800 hotspots and 41 masters worldwide, Brandmeister has grown to become the world’s largest Amateur Radio DMR network; leading the way with unique features no other network have implemented.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have contributed to the success of BrandMeister: developers; translators; master server providers and administrators; users providing support on brandmeister-ask, regional forums, e-mail, and on the air; wiki contributors;  documentation writers;  and news writers. And of course a big thanks to generous donors which allowed new hardware support.

But this isn’t it… More unique features are in the works, which you will discover in 2018!

In the meantime, if you feel the BrandMeister spirit and want to be part of the DMR Ham Radio revolution, you can help: check the Volunteer page.

Happy Birthday BrandMeister !