BrandMeister repeater path added in the digipath field of APRS packet

Master servers running the latest version 20170909 will now include the BrandMeister repeater callsign in the APRS digipath packets sent to the APRSgate.

To illustrate this, see the before/after examples below.

2017-09-10 07:33:02 MSK: PA0WCH>APRS,DMR*,qAS,PI1DMR-10:@043258h5123.03N/00526.95E(036/000Will-Christian

AFTER: (see how the DB0CJ repeater callsign is now apparent)
2017-09-10 07:32:36 MSK: DC6RN-9>APRS,DB0CJ,DMR*,qAR,DB0CJ:@043233h4925.11N/01152.85Ev148/000Norbert

Note that this will only work if the repeater is directly connected to the BrandMeister server having the particular APRSGate.