BrandMeister DMR reflectors support ending by end of 2020

The reflectors feature was implemented in the early years of BrandMeister to provide a compatibility with other DMR networks including this functionality and allow reflectors-based hotspots to connect to BrandMeister.

With more and more countries appearing on DMR, the restrictive numbering format of the reflectors (4XXX) is causing talkgroups numbering conflicts for a growing number of countries which MCC code starts with 4.

Our statistics are also showing that less and less operators are using reflectors on BrandMeister DMR, and the demand for new reflectors is practically nonexistent.

For all the above reasons, the reflectors functionality will be retired no later than December 30th, 2020. After this date, Talkgroup 4000 will continue to provide the same auto-static disconnect function and Talkgroup 9 Timeslot 2 will behave just like any other one-digit talkgroup.

If you are using a dv4mini hotspot in reflector mode, please refer to this post to use MMDVM support.