Need support?

Brandmeister Telegram Technical Support Groups

The fastest way to get support on Brandmeister is to contact one of the community group on the Telegram instant messenger. Many of the Brandmeister coding and admin teams are present in these groups and can help you really quickly. Click on one of the link below to access the corresponding Telegram support group:

* General (English)
* Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
* Canada (English/French)
* France (French/English)
* Guatemala (Spanish/English)
* Morocco (Arabic/French)
* Panama (Spanish/English)
* Philippines (Tagalog/English)
* Thailand (Thai/English)
* Turkey (Turkish)
* USA (English)

Brandmeister Technical Support Platform

Need more official support? You can post a request on the BrandMeister support platform. Response delays will vary on the volunteer’s schedule.

The support platform has its own accounts. The first time to post a request, you will need to open an account, which is different than the one you are using for your BrandMeister selfcare.